The Carolina Shout - Ragtime and Jazz Piano with Ethan Uslan

The Carolina Shout is a podcast about ragtime, New Orleans jazz, Harlem stride piano, and swing. Ethan Uslan is the pianist and host who performs live from his living room and offers up fun commentary and stories about the music. Each episode is a short informal private concert just for you, with occasional special guests and experts. So if you are interested in a podcast about rip-roarin American piano music that’s funny, quirky, a little educational but not too much, here it is!
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The Carolina Shout - Ragtime and Jazz Piano with Ethan Uslan


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Feb 28, 2017

As a prelude to Fat Tuesday debauchery, brother Ethan finds religion and plays a hymn. Then he plays the Tiger Rag and tells the story behind it, which involves shocking accusations of Russian espionage. Finally, Ethan learns what it means to miss New Orleans when he rides a unicycle down memory lane. Lots of old school New Orleans piano-playin' in this episode - don't miss it!    


Feb 15, 2017

Ethan has fun with a couple WWI songs. First he clones an army of Ethans to whistle Col. Bogey's March, and then he takes the listener to HELL for a live duet sung by the Devil and his son. Finally, Ethan embraces his inner drill sergeant and urges his listeners, through song, to sign up for the Merchant Marines. 

Feb 1, 2017

Prima donna Lady Melinda Whittington joins Ethan for an anglo-inspired Downton Abbey-themed program. Put on your lorgnette as Lady Whittington warbles one of the smash hits from London's hit 1916 musical: Chu Chin Chow. Then, take off your dinner jacket and enjoy some low-falutin American jazz. And be sure to stick around for the grand finale: Ethan and Melinda assume the roles of Lady Edith and Lady Mary, engaging in a rhyming musical insult-fest that would titillate the dowager countess to no end.